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Our Story


Mali & Misty

This is us, moms, sister-in-laws, and are the creative forces behind Mane Label Hair Co.

Misty, a talented hairstylist and the owner of a bustling salon in Phoenix, Arizona, and Mali, an experienced designer and entrepreneur with years of expertise in the clothing manufacturing industry in LA, came together to create a brand that truly understands the needs of modern women.

The Sway was our first product, We both felt that the Sway wasn't just a choice; it was a necessity. It stemmed from an urge to create solutions that elevate and simplify life. "Creating for me is about recognizing what's missing and finding ways to make life easier, with a deep consciousness of choosing high-quality materials and sourcing whatever we can locally," says Mali. And with Misty’s years of Hair expertise and knowledge, you will get the full experience and trust that you will get the best product out there.

This drive to innovate and improve everyday life, with an emphasis on sustainability, forms the core of our brand.

Mane Label Hair Co is built on a foundation of genuine belief and transparency. We both understand that success comes from being true to oneself and the mission. We are committed to developing products that are not only essential and efficient but also eco-friendly. Sourcing environmentally-safe materials and supporting local artisans in the USA is a key part of our vision.